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an invitation

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i finally got around to sending out finley’s birthday invitations this past week.  i am pretty happy with how they came out.

i searched the internet for invitations, but i just couldn’t find one that i loved.  so… i proceeded to combine a few of the ones i did like into one that i really really liked!  i designed the invite in photoshop and illustrator – working between the two.  i find that working with two adobe programs is better than one!  we printed them on regular white cardstock that i had laying around the house, and for a more ‘professional’ look, i used an edge cutter to gently round the edges and make them look not so homemade.

the ‘theme’ of her party will be elephants.  hence the cute little guy with the balloon.  she is my little peanut after all!  very excited for this big day and can’t wait to share it!


One thought on “an invitation

  1. This invite is adorable! Good job on designing your own. I always have an idea in my mind of how I want designs to look but the hardest time making them a reality. I’d buy this one on Etsy ; )

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