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the fair

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this is going to be a picture-rich post – just warning.  we made our way to the indiana state fair, not once, but twice last week.  daniel and i have always gone each year, but it was great to get to take finley this time.  we mostly just wandered around with no particular agenda, which was lovely.  i find myself almost always making lists and itineraries now that finley is here (which daniel hates).  so we just went with the flow and watched finley discover everything possible.

we rode the ferris wheel…

saw lots of tractors…

made this face every time they went by…

saw lots of animals (i was partial to the cows)…


and tried on some hats…

but mostly, we just had fun.

my favorite part was the deep fried girl scout cookies.  oh, let me repeat that.  deep.fried.girl.scout.cookies.

that’s right folks.  and yes, they were incredible.  i’d like to say it was the only deep fried food we had, but we had oreos and corndogs and reese cups.  yes.  yesyesyes.

finley’s favorite part was the horses.  big shocker.  she could not get enough of them.  every time we tried to walk away this is what happened:

yep.  that’s my girl.

we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again next year.


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