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Walk to end Violence

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this past saturday, my little family and i woke up early and headed downtown to participate in the race for domestic violence.  this was our second year participating and we are so excited to continue for years to come.

we walk in memory of a woman who was taken far too soon, heather norris.  though we only knew each other at a young age, our fathers have been friends since they were in grade school and still see each other on a regular basis.  heather’s story is tragic and hard to fathom.  in 2007 she was murdered by her then boyfriend.  the details of her murder are horrendous and i don’t think i could begin to put it into words here.

my dad on the right and heather’s dad on the left

i could never imagine the pain her parents felt – how they still feel.  i look at her father and am so overcome with emotions. domestic abuse is very real.  i know how it feels to be young and in love and believe that you could never be hurt by your significant other.  how you believe in your heart that you can change them.  how it can start with a simple shove or a grab of the arm.  this is where it must stop.

i realize how easily i could have been heather.

i realize how much this scares me.

how easily my life could have been different.  we have to talk to our daughters now.  empower them now.  make sure they always know their worth.  let them know that we are there for them no matter what.

i got emotional saturday.  thinking of finley.  thinking of how to warn her of the world’s evils.

no matter how much i love her or tell her i love her, those evils still exist.

its events like the walk that are helping make a difference in shattering the silence.  my prayers are with those that have hurt and are still hurting from abuse.  we can be their voice.

(for more information regarding heather’s voice and dating violence)


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