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Holy Holiday Heat

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it was hot here last week.  and i mean 105 hot.  when i was 35 weeks pregnant we had a heat wave like that, but i don’t remember being so miserable. mis-reee-bull.  it is probably my post-baby hormones going crazy again…. i think i will have to write a post about those crazy post-baby hormones… they are really baffling me.

anyway, we spent our holiday week with our families.  both of our parents own lakehouses, not on the same lake, but it is really nice to relax out on and by the water.  we spent a couple days up at daniel’s parents’ place in northern indiana. it was incredibly hot, but as always, it is nice to be around the ones you love.  we spent most of the daytime just trying to stay cool in and out of the water.  finley was in heaven in the water.  she is our little fish that one.  our little fin! ha!

at night we went out on the boat.  every 4th they have a concert followed by a fireworks show.  the concert is always great.  i look forward to it each year.

the fireworks were so close to being cancelled this year due to the drought.  seriously – we haven’t had a drought like this since 1936! however, mother nature came through the area in a fury a couple of days before the 4th, so live on fireworks, live on.

for the weekend, we went south to my parents’ lakehouse in brown county.  luckily it is located within a forest, so there is a nice shade that kept things moderately cool.  i love this place.

i have loved it since i was a kid.  and i will love it well into my old age.  it is where we spent every summer.

the view hasn’t  changed a bit.  sitting on that dock and looking out just brings me calm.  and then i look over and see these two playing around and i realize that it doesn’t get any better.


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