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best part of the day….

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its been a while since i have had a post up.  i don’t really have any good excuse, other than finley.  i feel like i had a rough time around the 6 month mark.  she was more active and more clingy, and it just exhausted me.  we are now officially at 8 months and i am sad.  every month i get sad.  i miss how little she was.  but with every new month comes new milestones – and boy is she hitting those in stride.  she now is crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on everything, and i fear walking is not far off.  i miss my little newborn…  but my little baby girl is the BEST.  i mean, look at this face!

my favorite part of the day is right before she goes to sleep.  she gets a little cranky, so the three of us (plus cope and hagen) head upstairs to mama and daddy’s room.  as soon as we hit the top of the stairs, that cranky girl is gone and a smiley, laughing baby is back!  she loves bedtime, and she knows when we get upstairs that it. is. on.  She normally rolls around the bed for awhile, gives hugs, laughs at the dogs, and just makes us pinch ourselves because yea, this is our life… she is our life.

lately she is really into books.  we usually read a couple of books before she gets her final bottle for the night.  once the stories are over, she rubs those little eyes and daddy turns the lights off and gives her a bottle.  this is sacred time with daddy – mama is not to interfere here.  since i stopped breastfeeding, daniel has given her that nighttime bottle.  then she falls asleep in his arms and daddy gets quality snuggletime.  it is so incredible it watch.  a man with a baby is just beyond.  ya know?

even before i got pregnant with finley i wanted a boy.  i have always wanted a boy.  and not that i don’t like girls, but i came from a family of three girls, my sister has three girls – see the trend here?  and i was always such a tomboy.  i just figured i wouldn’t be able to be all girly and what-not.  right after i gave birth and daniel told me that she was a girl…. all that went out the window.  she was a girl, and she was mine.

now?  i am so glad i had a girl first.  we eventually want a boy somewhere down the line – god willing.  but i can’t imagine how different things would have been with a boy.  daniel is wrapped around that little girls finger so tight.  i don’t know if it would have been the same with a boy.  she is his world.  they are my world.  and everything is as it should be….


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