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Happy Friday and Happy Sleep!

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Our Little Peanut is turning 5 months next week.  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes I still look at her and can’t believe she is MY child.  Mine!  She is all mine!  And this really is an awesome stage.  She is so active and so alert and her personality is so fun to be around.

We FINALLY put her in her crib to sleep at night.  The co-sleeper was amazing, and I am so happy we used it, but – it was time.  In the final weeks of sleeping with us she starting tossing and turning more and waking up because she wanted her pacifier.  So we decided to put her in her crib.  I had the week off work, so if she had a rough night I would be able to take a nap during the day with her.  Well, to our surprise, she slept 8 hours.  Stirring a couple of times because she wanted her pacifier. She slept like a champ.  A freaking champ!  It’s like she was trying to tell me she wanted to sleep in there for weeks!  And last night she slept straight through!  Every night is getting better and she is sleeping longer.  It is amazing.

I have also been introduced to Instagram in the last month.  Yes, I know I am the last person on earth to hear about it, but I am now obsessed.  OBSESSED.  So here is some photos from our last month.


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