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life is sweeter when it is simple

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not a bad saturday

this past weekend i turned 30.  it wasn’t monumental or really anything special, but i did feel a shift.  small, maybe, but a shift none the less.  i feel a pull toward something greater.  greater than myself.  i don’t know what it is yet, but i’m excited to allow myself to just enjoy these coming years and really open my eyes to the beauty around me.

saturday we spent the morning at finley’s rodeo.  i can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday weekend.  watching my kids in their element is something special.  rodeo has been so beneficial for finley.  she used to be very timid in new situations and i would watch her second guess herself when it came to bravery.


recently she has been riding her horse, princess, all on her own.  while princess is still a little stubborn in following along, finley is confident and never let’s that pony get the best of her.  i hope she keeps that mentality, not just in her riding abilities, but in life.



finley very proudly said that mutton busting was her favorite part of today’s rodeo.  ugh the pride.  i never want her to feel she can’t do something.  and watching her get on that sheep and hold on for the joy of the ride made me so proud.

here are a few more photos from the day.


i mean really – look at that face!




love and light


well deserved nap for the cowgirl


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under contract

in the last 3 1/2 months, we have sold our house, moved in with my parents, celebrated a 1st birthday and daniel’s birthday as well as 5 holidays.  oh, and then there was this:

Christmas Card

we found out we were pregnant the same day we got an offer on our house.  could that be a sign?  we decided it was.  we had to spend a lot of our savings to get out of our house (thanks, recession).  which meant that moving in with my parents, for however many months, was necessary in order to save as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time.  it has been trying, to say the least, both for us and my parents.  so we were thrilled when our offer was accepted two weeks ago on a beautiful home with the perfect location and just the right amount of acreage.


so right now, we are under contract.  scary.  the home needs work, but nothing is horrible.  it was built in 1993 and it seems very little has been updated since then.  so we are excited to spend the next infinite years putting our stamp on the place and truly making it our dream home.  i have already started several mood boards for different rooms and am excited to share my renovation journey here.


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an invitation

i finally got around to sending out finley’s birthday invitations this past week.  i am pretty happy with how they came out.

i searched the internet for invitations, but i just couldn’t find one that i loved.  so… i proceeded to combine a few of the ones i did like into one that i really really liked!  i designed the invite in photoshop and illustrator – working between the two.  i find that working with two adobe programs is better than one!  we printed them on regular white cardstock that i had laying around the house, and for a more ‘professional’ look, i used an edge cutter to gently round the edges and make them look not so homemade.

the ‘theme’ of her party will be elephants.  hence the cute little guy with the balloon.  she is my little peanut after all!  very excited for this big day and can’t wait to share it!

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vintage finds

i was driving home yesterday, about to pull into my drive when i saw this beauty sitting outside at my neighbors house.  my first thought – is that an eames?? – it wasn’t.  but, it is an amazing chair and i had to have it.  i simply asked my new neighbor if he would be interested in selling it.  he looked at me like i was crazy and said (get this) “take it”.   free??? oh absolutely i will take that.

I found out it is from homecrest.  it is part of a patio furniture set that they sold in the 60s.   i haven’t been able to find an exact name for the chair, so any help is appreciated.

it has been outside for a while and has some serious tears in the fabric, so it is going to definitely need to be re-upholstered before it comes in the house, but i am so excited to get to work on this little guy.

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the fair

this is going to be a picture-rich post – just warning.  we made our way to the indiana state fair, not once, but twice last week.  daniel and i have always gone each year, but it was great to get to take finley this time.  we mostly just wandered around with no particular agenda, which was lovely.  i find myself almost always making lists and itineraries now that finley is here (which daniel hates).  so we just went with the flow and watched finley discover everything possible.

we rode the ferris wheel…

saw lots of tractors…

made this face every time they went by…

saw lots of animals (i was partial to the cows)…


and tried on some hats…

but mostly, we just had fun.

my favorite part was the deep fried girl scout cookies.  oh, let me repeat that.  deep.fried.girl.scout.cookies.

that’s right folks.  and yes, they were incredible.  i’d like to say it was the only deep fried food we had, but we had oreos and corndogs and reese cups.  yes.  yesyesyes.

finley’s favorite part was the horses.  big shocker.  she could not get enough of them.  every time we tried to walk away this is what happened:

yep.  that’s my girl.

we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again next year.

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an evening ride

the hubby took a little ride with peanut yesterday.

the weather has been awful this summer.  the heat has been unbearable, so as a family we really haven’t been able to be outside much in the afternoon.  a nice cold front has moved through, finally, so out we went to enjoy it.

this girl loves her animals.  she can’t get enough of these horses.  she is always trying to pet them.  it will be so fun to watch her grow with them and become so skilled on the horse.

and i do have a fondness for that handsome man too  😉

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Walk to end Violence

this past saturday, my little family and i woke up early and headed downtown to participate in the race for domestic violence.  this was our second year participating and we are so excited to continue for years to come.

we walk in memory of a woman who was taken far too soon, heather norris.  though we only knew each other at a young age, our fathers have been friends since they were in grade school and still see each other on a regular basis.  heather’s story is tragic and hard to fathom.  in 2007 she was murdered by her then boyfriend.  the details of her murder are horrendous and i don’t think i could begin to put it into words here.

my dad on the right and heather’s dad on the left

i could never imagine the pain her parents felt – how they still feel.  i look at her father and am so overcome with emotions. domestic abuse is very real.  i know how it feels to be young and in love and believe that you could never be hurt by your significant other.  how you believe in your heart that you can change them.  how it can start with a simple shove or a grab of the arm.  this is where it must stop.

i realize how easily i could have been heather.

i realize how much this scares me.

how easily my life could have been different.  we have to talk to our daughters now.  empower them now.  make sure they always know their worth.  let them know that we are there for them no matter what.

i got emotional saturday.  thinking of finley.  thinking of how to warn her of the world’s evils.

no matter how much i love her or tell her i love her, those evils still exist.

its events like the walk that are helping make a difference in shattering the silence.  my prayers are with those that have hurt and are still hurting from abuse.  we can be their voice.

(for more information regarding heather’s voice and dating violence)